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Tenacity in Children: the dynamic instincts that exist in each child from birth and the prominent role they play in the course of a child’s development

In the first book we co-authored, Raising Resilient Children, we defined resilience as a process of competent functioning under duress and adversity.  We identified the components of a “resilient mindset” and included self-discipline as one of these components.  As we continued to elaborate our understanding of a resilient mindset and the behaviors associated with this …

Better Stories

The Benefits of Taking a Break from Alcohol

Alcohol abuse and alcoholism are serious issues across the nation. In fact, there are over 95,000 alcohol-related deaths each and every year. Despite how problematic alcohol can be, it is still the most used substance across the country – many don’t realize the risks and health-related problems associated with alcohol. Before we look at how …