In today’s society and culture veterans and their families are finding it very difficult to cope and adjust to life outside the military. Some of the issues that arise for veterans range from mental health, physical and adapting/integrating fully into the civilian world.

            Mental health is a massive concern amongst all veterans and current service members. The military while on active duty has placed a stigma on seeking mental health for any reason while on active duty. This stigma remains when the veteran re-enters the civilian world. When a veteran finally wants to pursue that change in mental status, they go to the traditional mental health doctor. This did not work for me, nor did it work for my first business partner Jason who I found dead from a combination of prescribed medication and illicit drugs. 

            When a veteran separated from the military they are already in an active mindset. They are placed into a system that is somewhat structured but really a free for all called “Civilian Life”.  This is a massive life change that far too often most veterans are not prepared to transition. One of the key aspects to succeed in this civilian life is to “Set Goals” on a clearly defined path and find a mentor or coach.

            Just as we had our collateral duties and qualifications to work on in the military, you have the same in civilian life. When you separate from the military it is best to set one specific goal, then build what is called an “Action Plan” on the necessary action steps you must take to achieve this goal. For example: If you wanted to go into the private security sector after the military, you want to develop a plan to figure out how to do this step by step. Then I recommend finding someone already where you want to be at least ten years in advance in this plan and figuring out a way to make them your mentor or coach. If you have to work for them for free so you can learn what they did to become successful, do this. If you have to pay them, then pay them. Figure out a way to get around the people who are where you want to be. Remember your current net worth is the combined average value of the five closest people in your circle. Seek counsel not advice, there is a difference.

            One of the biggest mistakes that veterans often make on the road to achieving the American dream of success, is staying in the same circle and seek advice versus counsel. Everyone can provide advice on how to write a book, but have they ever written one? Seek counsel not advice… If you do not break your circle, you will continue down the same path that your circle is on.

For example, if you are currently working as a contractor with other veterans but inside your dyeing to write a book. You go to your veteran friend in your circle who has never written a book. They might shoot you down and tell you what a bad idea this is. They will give you all the reasons you should not write that book…  They might tell you that you are crazy. If you go to someone in the professional world, someone in the personal development world who has written a book and is ahead of where you want to be and say, “I want to write a book”. We will tell you that’s a great idea and provide counsel on how to achieve this goal. We have already done this… Seek counsel not advice and always remember your current net worth is the combined average value of the five closest people in your circle. Seek counsel not advice, there is a difference.


Blurring the lines between fiction and nonfiction, Power’s book, “Don’t Shoot Your Future Self” is a powerful story that shines light on the unique challenges veterans face after leaving the military. Whether you are a veteran or not, this compelling book of self-discovery shares the keys to overcoming some of life’s greatest challenges and the wisdom and insights included are more timely and relevant than ever before.

Power owns and operates Veterans Disability Help, LLC. VDH is leading the way for veterans regarding their VA Disability Benefits. They have served over 2,500 veterans since its incorporation in March of 2015 and have redirected over 2.1 MILLION dollars a month from the VA back to the veterans in VA Disability Benefits. Veterans Disability Help is a professional firm with a team of dedicated individuals that are here for the veterans and their families in need of VA disability assistance.

Eric Power, Veterans Disability Help and “Don’t Shoot Your Future Self” have been featured in 360 Magazine, KCEN-TV, Authority Magazine/, MSN, KHOU 11, WGRZ, Sirius XM Radio, and many more.

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